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consulting services
- sustainable business -

Helping businesses navigate the necessary culture and operational changes required to support sustainability. This includes coaching and consulting for staff members to improve awareness and habit change. We can review suppliers, products and brand culture while helping your business to align with more sustainable values. Consulting fees are £400/day which can be quoted along with a strategic proposal based on the specific needs of your business.



These can be performed on existing products / suppliers / processes with recommendations on alternatives that better align with your sustainability goals, this can include;

  • Competitor reviews with examples of how they're getting it right

  • Supply chain analysis with potential solutions

  • Greenwashing overview - examples of common greenwashing and how to avoid it

  • Corporate responsibility and ownership

  • Cost effective changes and alternatives

  • Recommendations on carbon accounting

  • Introductions to up and coming brands who lead with sustainability

  • Recommendations on accreditations, awards and care marks

Brand review

Initial consultation with review of current brand values and employee culture. Clients will be taken through an exercise to ensure the current culture reflects the personality and core values you wish your business to portray. A further review and recommendation will then be made for;

  • Brand values alignment

  • Tone of voice and how to communicate your values

  • Sustainability values, pillars of responsibility and mission statement

  • Foundations of your sustainability policy

  • Improving sustainability uptake through motivational employee culture

Delivery of these recommendations can be provided by Fiona or we can brief internal communication teams on how to lead a review internally.

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