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When embarking on a low waste journey, it’s hard to imagine how effective changes can be made without it becoming a full time job. While some feel ready to alter their existing habits or business processes, the world around them seems to create challenges and questions at every turn. Our services are designed to impart years of working through these challenges and finding solutions or simple and cost effective alternatives to ensure busy lives and businesses can continue while making a difference to the planet.
Some of our individual clients reach out after experiencing climate anxiety or simply not knowing where to begin, we offer non judgemental coaching and support for those wanting to make changes no matter how big or small. We start with manageable changes and work our way up to more considered lifestyle changes based on your perosonal goals. We've found that creating your own response to the climate crisis through a creating your own journey towards sustainable living can improve mental health and wellbeing.


Please see our full list of consulting services below. For bespoke services, please contact us about your idea.

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