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Earthkind started as a market stall selling zero waste organic food refills in 2018, due to the pandemic the stall closed in 2020, however we noticed a growing need from people and businesses wanting help and support to improve sustainability in their homes, businesses and communities. We started offering consultancy as well as educational talks and advice on alternatives to every day challenges when embarking on a more sustainable way of life.


Our goal > to cultivate social and environmental conscience through holistic guidance of sustainable practices and habit change.

We offer one-to-one consultancy and coaching to help you improve your home or business' environmental impact, we also perform domestic ecological and carbon footprints as well as custom sustainability plans. We've found that changing lifestyles to be more in line with your own personal values increases well-being and can also improve mental health. We have a unique network of local zero waste businesses, advisors and partners to help us offer bespoke plans for each family or business. We also offer pro bono advice to community organisations and educational establishments to help educate and improve the local area's approach to sustainability. Visit our consulting services or contact us for more information.

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