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consulting services
- sustainable individual -

We offer tailored guidance to individuals and families wanting to improve their environmental awareness and personal sustainability journeys, offering support, advice, personalised plans and coaching to help get you started or advance your current efforts.


Initial conversation - FREE

15 minute conversation around your personal motivation towards change and identifying what barriers might be holding you back with recommendations to the services you might benefit from.

Consulting - £55 per hour

Initial review of your interests and motivations towards sustainable living with a tailored plan, including tips, resources and advice to help you navigate achievable outcomes. These can include advice on reusing, sharing, repairing, composting, re-thinking, reducing meat consumption, self sufficiency and reducing plastics.


Coaching - £75 per hour

Transformational approach with motivational guidance and support through;

  • Future goals, where you are currently and where you would like to be

  • Carbon footprint calculation to support and inform our approach

  • Personal journey strategy driven by your preferred focus areas

  • Reviewing potential hurdles and problem solving perceived barriers

  • Opening up possibilities and achievable solutions within your lifestyle

  • Providing support, encouragement and empowerment

  • Troubleshooting problem areas and adapting your goals where needed.

This service can be requested as a one off appointment or as a regular session at a discounted rate.​ 

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