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  • How do I purchase online?
    We are currently operating as a market stall, we love collaborating with other like minded people at environmental events and have regular stalls at Horsham Repair Cafe. If you wish to order online for collection from one of our collection points, please email us.
  • How earth kind is Earthkind?
    We are extremely passionate about the environment and are committed to working towards a zero waste, closed loop enterprise. We recycle any packaging in which our stock is delivered, we re-use packing materials for transporting produce, an electric vehicle is used for all pick-ups and deliveries, we prefer Ecosia to Google for any online work and all our non-food products are either made by us or locally using sustainable and/or organic materials. If customers do not have their own containers we use recycled paper bags printed with food grade inks and use compostable tape. We use Vegware composable gloves for food handling and print marketing materials on recycled banana leaf paper and/or paper made from the waste product of cocoa beans. Our promotional banners on the stall are 100% recyclable through the HP large format media take back program and also uses low solvent latex inks. If you would like to know more about working towards zero waste, or for more information on our practices, please email us.
  • How should I store my package free food?
    While cotton or paper is great to transport produce, we recommend that food is transferred into airtight containers as soon as possible after purchasing. Some products, such as nuts will become stale if not kept in an airtight container. To protect your products further, we recommend storing your food somewhere cool and dry, away from direct light. Jars are ideal for this as well as making it easy to see what foods you have and how much is left, they also pretty up your pantry!
  • How do earthkind handle allergens?
    Earthkind is a small business where nuts, tree nuts, soya, wheat and gluten are handled in the same packing area. We do not sell products containing peanuts. All allergens are stored separately in air tight containers. We use separate scoops for products containing known allergens as well as re-sanitising our packing area between orders. Speak to us if you would like more information on allergens.
  • What if I forget my containers?
    We sell organic cotton produce bags which are 100% handmade by the lovely Teal from "Do your Bit" in Ireland. We also have recycled paper bags on hand as well as compostable paper tape and the ink printed on the bags is made from non-toxic, food grade inks, sourced from Tiny Land in turners Hill.
  • Why is everything organic?
    We strongly believe in the sustainable practice and natural methods of organic farming due to benefits such as; lower soil erosion, cleaner run-off (water), protection of animals and natural habitats, safer food to consume due to no hormone, pesticide or insectiside usage, not to mention better flavour. Ultimately it is consumers' choice whether to eat organic or not, however with 23% to 56% less fossil energy being used than conventional farming methods, we feel it's a no brainer.
  • Where does your produce come from?
    We use two main suppliers: Infinity Foods in Shoreham and occasionally Essentail Trading Coop. If you would like information on the country of origin for specific products, please enquire via email or in person on the stall, where we have a list of all our products information.
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