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advice, support and implementation

what we do

Earthkind offers support, advice and coaching on topics such as sustainable habit change, transformative deep adaptation, coaching, culture change and climate anxiety. We are positioned to help businesses and individuals alike with strategy and planning, facilitating transformative conversations, inspiration and motivation, practical implementation and ongoing support. ​

We start with a conversation about how an individual or business feels about specific environmental and climate related topics and what they would like to happen before helping them create a plan that cultivates practical movement in a meaningful direction for them. We help clients find an achievable path to sustainable behaviour change, outcomes for businesses are often the foundation for business responsibility and sustainability policies.

Our expertise comes from a professional background in brand strategy, identity and communications as well as a personal background as a zero waste business owner, environmentalist, event organiser and volunteer. 

“I didn't have the time to research and change out products and suppliers, Fiona came highly recommended and took me through a guilt-free review of my suppliers and practices before recommending alternatives.”

Sarah Kensley - SK Bodyfit

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